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Nanotech Fibers

"Jan. 10, 2013 — Rice University's latest nanotechnology breakthrough was more than 10 years in the making, but it still came with a shock. Scientists from Rice, the Dutch firm Teijin Aramid, the U.S. Air Force and Israel's Technion Institute this week unveiled a new carbon nanotube (CNT) fiber that looks and acts like textile thread and conducts electricity and heat like a metal wire. In this week's issue of Science, the researchers describe an industrially scalable process for making the threadlike fibers, which outperform commercially available high-performance materials in a number of ways."

That picture is a Nanotech Fiber conducting electricity to the lamp. It conducts electricity better than copper, and is as flexible as cotton thread. The difference is it's much stronger and more diverse in it's uses. There are some challenges in working with Nanotube materials, since we have yet to perfect mass production of them. However it is good to know that this technology is being worked on!

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