Chained Reality

Life through the eyes of a writer.

Chained Reality is a collection of Stories and pieces written by me, Andrew Uphoff. Instead of blogging opinions, I've decided to use prose to make people think about their lives. If you like stories, here's your headquarters for works that make you think!

The Universe is a Computer Simulation

Theoretically. I don't know if I buy into this 100%, but it would certainly explain a few limitations in physics if it was the case.

I guess it's just something to think about. As a science-fiction writer it definitely strikes a chord with me. There is a story line for the Chained Reality universe that deals in Virtual Reality simulations, and how the blurring of reality and fiction wreaks havoc on the human Psyche. Here's a little hint, remember the Savant post I made a while back? That may have something to do with that story line.

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