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Chained Reality immerses you in the world of Science and Philosophy. Taking a look at the world around you and seeking the questions we all want to ask, but may have been afraid to. Are you ready to seek answers you never knew were there?

Brian Cox explains the Higgs Boson

Ready to learn something? Watch this video! This is a key concept to quantum physics is explained simply. It allows us to better understand a few basic things about our universe and is just freaking awesome! Also, I would just like to point out that we HAVE found the Higgs Boson particle just this last year! What's that? Follow up video?! YEEWWAHHHH!

Ok, this is a little bit old but there is one thing to keep in mind here. Some of the concepts are represented not only in my own story, but it also means a greater understanding of electronics and data distribution! I will more than likely be posting more on the electronics part as things are discovered. Just know that they are currently working on electronics that distribute information on a quantum level. This means that we could have potentially near-instantaneous computers and internet. Yeah. It's that cool!

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