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Chained Reality immerses you in the world of Science and Philosophy. Taking a look at the world around you and seeking the questions we all want to ask, but may have been afraid to. Are you ready to seek answers you never knew were there?

The Science of Sound

Ever thought of how Music works? Vibrations can emanate at so many different frequencies we can hear sounds of all different varieties. Have you ever thought of how speakers could be so precise as to mimic the vibrations EXACTLY of the notes of your favorite music? Even a phone speaker has this capability, to a lesser degree.

It's amazing to think that our hearing is that advanced and complicated, for something we don't think about much at all. This is why we can on certain levels be objective about music, since there is a science to what we see as enjoyable.

This is a lot to take in, and is pretty incredible in my opinion. Remember next time someone is asking you why you don't like a song: You have a better understanding why that may be the case! 

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