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Chained Reality is a collection of Stories and pieces written by me, Andrew Uphoff. Instead of blogging opinions, I've decided to use prose to make people think about their lives. If you like stories, here's your headquarters for works that make you think!

Covering Music: A Whole New Art Form

They say Imitation is the finest form of Flattery. I'm inclined to agree, especially when people are able to take a song and keep it's core feeling, while changing the sound around completely. Old School Freight Train has taken numerous Coldplay songs an put them to a bluegrass feel.

However, what happens when you take a song and put it to a Big Band? Well, Mark Ronson can answer that for you.


You still keep the same feeling of the song, while changing the instruments around entirely. If I was Coldplay, I would feel pretty flattered. And also feel pretty good that someone could make a song just as amazing from the one you already wrote.  

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