The Junto - For the Greater Good

"What do you mean no one cares?" Serge was obviously not pleased. His brow was raised, being lost underneath his unkempt longer brown hair. Jacob stood across from him, arms crossed at the computer desk. "Well, mein fuhrer, there's this little thing called every day life. People really seem to enjoy it. So when you address the nation telling them that chaos is coming, of course they're going to be more interested in how early they have to get up to get a latte before work."

Serge sighed, laying his head down heavily on the table. He mumbled something under his breath. "Oh, I'm sorry? I didn't hear you. Did you have a comment on this problem?" Bringing his head up slowly, he mumbled just barely enough to hear. "People suck." Jacob nodded, his sun bleached blonde hair was just as unkempt. "Yeah, well welcome to reality there big guy. I'll be your guide to the wonders of America." 

Serge shook his head, looking angrily. "I can't believe that people don't care. That people want to remain ignorant of the truth. It will be the end of them." Jacob shook his head and grabbed the coffee next to him in Serge's office. It was decorated with memorabilia from the U.S. founding fathers. "Serge, the reality is people don't care. You have to accept that. Not everyone sees the world like you do." Fidgeting with a pen, Serge looked frustrated.

"They don't have to see the world like I do! They just have to understand that things are coming and if they want to survive they have to be ready to adapt! I honestly-" Jacob held up a hand and stopped his rant. His flowing Hawaiian silk shirt was patterned with flowers. "Serge. Stop. You're getting worked up over nothing. Worry about yourself and the people that are important to you. There's no reason to worry about those who you don't know." 

Serge slammed his fist on the table, making the whole thing shake. "I care about all of them. America is my home and the people here are my community. I may not know them but they are my neighbors and I will never give up trying to help them. E Pluribus Unum. You know that!" Serge's face grimaced. Turning around in his swivel chair, he looked out over Seattle. "Serge. I get it. You're passionate about people. But you have seen more first hand apathy of the American Public over anyone else that has probably existed ever. The public isn't interested with anything other than their own daily lives."

Serge sighed again. Obviously frustrated, he turned back around and looked at Jacob seriously. "Yes, you're right. But just because they don't care doesn't mean that I should stop trying. Maybe there's a different way to approach it. Maybe we need to level with them. Show them how this looming threat effects their precious every day lives. Maybe we need to make some changes to our approach."

Jacob raised an eyebrow. "I... Don't think I like your tone here..." Serge looked at him seriously. "The Junto needs to change. It needs to adapt to provide a level of understanding to the public. Maybe we've been going about this all wrong. Helping people doesn't always mean doing the things that make them happy. Sometimes you have to make decisions people don't agree with. It's time to make a change Jacob."

Jacob leaned in and looked concerned. "Serge. Are you ok? What's wrong?" Serge's eyes glimmered a moment. "Yeah. I'm fine. I'm just starting to understand this problem better. It's time to shake the public to awaken. I'll start fleshing out details soon and have them to you as soon as possible. The Junto will take a different approach soon. As we move forward, please keep in mind that these decisions are for the benefit of everyone."

Falling back in his chair, Jacob sighed and placed a hand on his face. "Serge... You're sounding like the people you say you hate." Serge nodded. "Exactly. It's for the greater good."