The Junto - Darcy Jones

Sitting on a lawn chair, Darcy ran her hands through her long black hair. A blue bikini top and a pair of daisy dukes hugged her slender body like an old friend. Serge stood in the doorway to to the Jones' backyard. Glancing over at Darcy was all he could do whenever he visited them. Digging in his black cargo pants, he pulled out a small card and handed it to Darcy's mother, Tracy.

“We've begun operations in this area now Tracy. I want to make sure you have my personal line if anything happens.”

A warm smile shined through his stubble and unkempt brown hair. Serge wasn't one to worry about appearances. Staring back at Serge through sunglasses, Tracy cracked a tiny awkward smile. She was wearing a thin, dirty tan blouse and shorts. Something felt off entirely about the interaction. He didn't feel welcome.

“Thank you Serge. I'm not sure why you think anything bad would happen here... But I appreciate the offer.”

She looked at him like she didn't know what more to say. Serge sighed and relaxed a bit.

“I'm sorry for the formalities. I'm so used to this crap by now I've just gotten used to treating everyone like this. The truth is, I'm not really here for that.”

He glanced over at Darcy who had begun pruning weeds near the garden. Although he wasn't here for any romantic reasons, Darcy certainly was nice to have around.

“What do you want with Darcy? She's still in college. And boy if you're thinking about getting anywhere near her-”

Shaking his head quickly, he chuckled a little for effect.

“No, that's not it at all. I mentioned to her a little bit about the Junto, but I wanted to come talk to her in person about it. We could really use some translators, and we have a lot to offer in return for her help.”

Tracy threw the card to the side and frowned.

“Really? So you are here on business then. What, do you think I'll just let her join your little thug group?”

Serge had to take a moment to realize what was going on. Serge had known Tracy's family since he was a kid. His father Greg was in the same Spec Ops team as her husband Jared. He used to come over and play with Darcy. They had barbeques and parties together, he had known her his whole life actually in one way or another.

“Tracy... I'm not here to offer her to be a mercenary. I'm here to offer her the ability to help people on an every day basis. We need signers involved in the community!”

She frowned even more, leaving Serge confused.

“You can sign, can't you? Why don't you do it?” Her voice grew loud and harsh. She was pissed.

“Be safe, Tracy.” He needed to end the conversation. It wasn't going anywhere from here.