Epitaph for Humanity

Long are the winter's nights... Cold as they are, they bring a strange sort of comfort...

If there is one thing I relish in it's the silence after a large blight of noise. Perhaps that is why I do what I do.

There is no end to my struggle, no person, being, nor deity can alter the course of this universe's history. Still I find that these thoughts and ideals are exactly which makes me inhuman.

Do I resent that? At times. More often than not I wonder what fate I would suffer if I were to be fully human.

At the end of the day your motivations are your own, and what comes of this world is the culmination of your efforts alone.

Many have fought and died for some cause or another, and no one is more just than the other. It is a difference in perspective that starts wars, a lack of understanding of cultures, upbringing and ideals that separate men from one another.

It is strange to find myself eliminating the only threat to human kind's destruction, which is itself. Even more strange is the fact that they continue to re-evolve into the same being.

This knowledge leaves me to believe that whatever higher power there may potentially feel that they, or it, have gotten it right. Despite the technological advancements and difference in culture based on varying climates and topography, all in all the end result is the same.

I don't believe I've lost sight of my original purpose. I have protected the human race on multiple occasions, leaving them a world in which to thrive. Regardless of whether that required me to eliminate them as their own threats is not my concern, so long as they have the ability to continue to evolve and press on in their own rights.

The society still lingers outside my immediate view. It is even more strange to me that they have not wished to reclaim their ancestral home. Do I, an entity created by them to govern through their own ideals, truly repulse them so?

It doesn't matter. What is strange is my lack of curiosity anymore. I do not care how they live their lives, so long as they live them. Some have tried more than others, while some understand the concept of life and live it as they wish.

Even still, the rarest of them all is one who understands these concepts as I do... While he is not an artificial intelligence his sense of duty drives his actions, his motivations placed beyond his own well being and seeks opportunity solely for the sake of opportunity.

What separates us is his humanity causes him to lose sight of his goals, His motivations taken from him as if some other entity is controlling his actions. Is this really the inconsistency of the human brain? A ghost within each personality that dictates to them as it wishes?

What some might call the higher power, dictating the path it wishes them to take? He has overcome such adversity solely in his own mind, only to be greeted by more in his world. If only I could contact him... Give him access to the knowledge as I have, and create the opportunity he so desperately seeks...

Unfortunately, protocol is protocol. I shall remain vigilant, and watch as events unfold. It seems he is preparing to do the same.