In One Night

It seems ludicrous to me... To think that in one night the world fell apart. So many suffer loved ones. Many more will lose their loved ones, and eventually their own lives. Cataloguing these events becomes more and more arduous when you see the effect it has had on the humanity of those involved.

Survival of the fittest is an understatement when speaking of the things that now plague these people. Hard truths about the world that many had becomed sheltered from believing could ever be true now wrack the brains of even the most gifted of thinkers. Morality and ethics, prosperity and tradition, the entirety of these people's social dynamic changed within a matter of hours.

The event itself is in itself significant. Massive amounts of energy gathered and exploded within a matter of milliseconds. It was instantly recognizable as an act of such ferocity and energy that can only be seen in the most cosmic of ways. And yet it is still unexplained how the energy itself interacted with the planet and it's eco system. All scans report normality, in fact nominal levels in o-zone layer, magnetic deterrence field and planetary integrity.

Something very precise, very calculated and more importantly, purposefully caused this. In fact, I have irrefutable proof on who caused the act, as it is engrained within the very act itself. All I can tell you is that his tricks are getting old and stale, and we can now pin-point what his actions are leading to. While there is still much work to be done, I can assure you we will continue on with our research.

Before I leave you, I feel I must remind you of my stance on this. We should not sit idly by while many are suffering and looking for reasons behind it. If we wait too long, we risk great consequences once they finally realize who we are and what we are doing. And believe me; they WILL find out.

Nova Report 24
Mayan Date: 2013, Sept 24
Pangean Date: 6.023^6, Akh Enk, 24
Gjoll - Justiciar Douglas Kindall