What we have here is more than just a community. We are a band of brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, friends and strangers. Within these walls we find a common goal that is shared by few.

Prosperity of man kind is not common sense. Helping those in need is not a fad. Protecting those who are not able to protect themselves is not revered in the way many would have you think it would.

We live in a world where the common man is more concerned with securing a life that will mean nothing to the advancement of our species beyond Nine to Five.

You are all here because you see something bigger for yourselves. Some of you may not even care about how this effects others but I assure you this is one hundred percent acceptable as long as you strive to better yourself no matter what is thrown on your plate.

As many of you may understand the history of the human race has been a rocky one. War has plagued us as a species since even before we understood that there was more to life than just survival. Greed plagues the minds of the powerful, and prosperity is on the minds of those without the power to share it.

There is a reason for this. You see my friends our enemy is not greed. Our enemy is not lust, or power hungry fools trying to manipulate you. The greatest enemy of the human race is complacency. For it is only when we become complacent that we allow these fools to run our lives. It is only when we FORGET that there is no one other than ourselves fit to direct our lives.

So many of you may be wondering how we combat an idea such as complacency. The answer is you already are. You saw something bigger than yourself and made the concious choice to chase after it. Whether it's for your own personal gain or for the compassion of others this does not matter.

We all gather in the interest of bettering the world regardless of the reasons. So for those of you sitting there, and pondering the motivations of me or anyone who will lead you towards this goal I applaud you. Always question those around you because those with nothing to hide will answer truthfully and steer you in the right direction.

Those who wish to manipulate you will feed you lies that you may not even be able to discern as such but do not worry. Should you believe that the actions asked of you do not reflect your own beliefs then you are encouraged to say so. Because we are not a military. We are not a government. We hold no power over you that you do not allow to us by choice.

We believe that you are as pivotal to the advancement of our cause regardless of your age or station. We want you to know that what you do is for the betterment of our society. 

Our slogan represents one that was used by great men who understood the necessity of humans to come together for a cause greater than just survival. E Plurupus Unum. Out of Many: One.

We are the Junto, and we sincerely thank you for your service. Soon, the world will know your achievements just as we do.

Prosperity is right around the corner.