Inspiring People to Take the Lead


We all want to help others. But do we truly know how to? I think there is a nasty obsession that people have in thinking that they know better than those who need help. Perhaps they just need an extra hand, another mind to brainstorm, or a connection to make their dreams come true.

This man is explaining what helping people is really all about: setting them up so that they don't need help. It seems like a crazy idea, I know. But think for a moment on what it truly means to help others. Do we want them to rely on us for that help? I don't think so. We aren't helping them if we are simply creating a dependence.

So what is the proper solution? Listen to them. "A Person is Smart. People are dumb." It's time to take a serious look at our attitude towards helping others, and what it means to get them on their feet.