Within These Walls

Today, Ladies and Gentlemen, we celebrate the gathering of our great collective under a common goal. We are here to broaden our horizons. Achieve something the human race has historically denied to be truth. The hurdles of civilized society are many. However, the greatest threat to society is misunderstanding intentions. Let me make it perfectly clear that our intentions are purely for the benefit of the greater good. I do not speak of one specific religion, creed, or mindset. It is an all encompassing imperative that can be agreed upon universally.

The people have spoken and now we are here today to answer their call. Within these walls we enact powers given to us by those who cry out for help. People who suffer, or know others who suffer. Those less fortunate than us have found a world much different than we live in. Like it or not the truth of the human genome is that we are not perfect. We are created equally but we are not given equal opportunity. That is why our role in the lives of everyone has become increasingly important.

But enough of generics. What difference can we make in the lives or our people? Many will try and tell you that we are nothing more than talking heads. Political figures elected to place blame when things go wrong. My friends this can not be farther from the truth. We hold a great impact on the lives of everyone we represent, and even more. The calling of our station is too important to ignore.

Some of the things we have done for our people is create a society where they can live without fear of ridicule. Without fear of someone else taking from them what they do not deserve. Everyone is given an equal opportunity to live the lives they choose. Every year we expand our repertoire of citizens whose lives we have improved. 

But we must not become complacent! We must remain vigilant in our promise to the people that we will provide for them when they cannot provide for themselves. If you take one thing from this position let it be the knowledge that you have created a broader horizon for everyone, not just yourself.

When the time comes, we will be called upon again. By the people who have shown us without a doubt that they are in need of help. So I say to you as your new found leader:

Let us make sure we do not ignore their call. We MUST continue our fight what is good, true, and just!


Thank you.