The usual hustle and bustle of the main street had died down as of late. The market district was hurting, and hurting bad. These poor civilians are trying to make their way in a society that depends upon them to bring in income, even when their only source of income has gone away to war. It's not quite clear how these people continue to function without any outside help.

"Is this all you have? I'm looking for something a bit more... capable."

"I assure you sir, this is the closest thing to military grade you can get. If I sold anything like our military uses I wouldn't be running a small stall on this heap." replied the middle-aged man behind the shop's counter.

"Hmm. Well, I guess it will have to do. How much do you want for it?"

"Sir, the price is listed on the gun." answered the man.

This guy couldn't be more than thirty three, judging by his well-trimmed half-beard. Pangeans definitely has a strange sense of style. It isn't all that surprising to find he's taller than me, especially seeing as how light the Mardoll's gravity generator had been set. Curious, though, that he doesn't share the same blonde genome that most other Pangeans are so proud of. Perhaps his brown hair is the reason he's still a small shop keep?

"Thirty-two thousand? That's not bad. It's a done deal sir"

Seeing all this inflation is crazy. I am amazed that they've managed to function this long with such a broken system.

"Very good! Now, I just need to run a background check on you. Do you have your Identification?" asked the man.

"Of course."

"Alright. Let's see here Mr... Schultz? That's a strange name. Are you from one of the expedition colonies?"

"No, inner colony theta. I was born in a surveillance facility. My mother and father thought it amusing to adopt an earth-like name. It's given me a lot of grief lately though."

"Hmm... I imagine so." replied the shop keeper, with a cocked eyebrow.

I still can't believe that excuse has worked so many times. Their good intentions are more foolish than I think they know.

"Alright, looks like everything checks out. One last thing for my records, how do you intend to use this weapon?" asked the man.

Picking up the weapon, Schultz pointed it directly at the man's head and pulled the trigger with a "click".