The tall buildings of the city towered over the small street system. The oblong turns were designed to control multi-tiered traffic but only when running DOT protocols on any Wisp driven system. Wisps were small vehicles, designed for personal use only. It was amazing to think they could manifest entirely from a small device on the hip.

As the snow fell, people continued to walk the streets, seemingly unaffected by the vehicles flying by at thirty kilometers per hour. Even with such small spaces to manage the influx of traffic, citizens had learned to use the vehicles with such precision it felt as if they had more control over them than they did their own bodies.

"Why here?" asked Doray. Doray was a young man, barely twenty. He stood at an even six-feet tall, with darker brown hair and a decently built physique. His eyes were entirely black, a birth mark that left many unsettled when trying to speak to him directly. Leaning next to a building, he pretended to read something on his VAR pad. Wearing nothing but a thick black hooded sweatshirt and blue jeans, he managed to stick out in the society that coveted furs in the winter.

"You're not here to ask questions. Do as you're told." came a reply. Doray was speaking to his commanding officer, if you could call it that. He wasn't part of a military, more a private security organization. Even private security was a stretch, considering they were more on the offensive than the defensive lately.

With nothing but a nod, Doray pulled the black hood over his head and began walking towards the Pangean embassy building. Something caught his eye before he started to walk across the street. A slender woman walked out of the ornate building. Her hair was a dark red, with feathers tied around strands of hair in the front. 

"A Seidr? What's she doing here?" he thought, eyeing her carefully. As he walked, across the street, she looked at him and smiled. Waving at him, she ran excitedly towards him. "Commander?" he said quietly, awaiting a response.

"I see her. Play along for now" came a reply. He looked at her, and smiled back. Taking his hood off, he met her in the middle of the walk way. People walked by, speaking quietly to each other while staring at the two. "It's been so long hon! How are you?" asked the woman, hugging Doray. This threw Doray off guard, causing him to react abnormally.

"Uhh, good?" he said, awkwardly hugging her. "You're too late..." she whispered in his ear. A moment later, explosions could be heard all throughout the embassy. Debris began blowing out the windows of the twelve story office building, including bodies. As the explosions reached the bottom, Doray pulled away from her and looked her in the eyes.

"Who are you?" he asked. "Ah Ah, that's for another time. For now, we need to get out of here." she smiled, taking his hand. For a moment she stood there, as if waiting for something. Doray stared at her, trying to understand her intentions. Sirens could be heard, and he could see in his peripheral vision people pointing at them. "Well, hon? Are you gonna work your magic or not?" she asked, shaking his hands.

"Do as she says, take her with you. I suggest taking her to the Dreigr base for questioning." came the voice, commanding Doray. "Don't listen to him. Go where you want to go." she smiled, rubbing his hand. "I am rather tired of these political games. Let's try something new." sighed Doray, as he looked around he noticed that RRT's were all aiming assault rifles at his head. The markings on the side indicated they were augmented with sleep rounds, no doubt they would rather catch their target alive for questioning.

Letting go of the woman's hands, he waved at a soldier to approach them. The soldier looked confused, and did a double take from the burning Pangean embassy back to Doray. Doray threw his hands up, showing he had no weapons, and beckoned the soldier over again. The soldier looked at a man to his right, who nodded at him and ordered the rest of them to lower weapons.

"You are to pull out immediately! That is an order!" came the voice, yelling at the top of his lungs. "Pfft, you and I both know I worked for you by choice. What can you possibly do to me?" replied Doray, as the soldier jogged over to him.

"I will end the lives of your friends, your family, everyone you've ever cared about." came the voice, sounding frustrated. "Wow, there are people I care about? This is news to me." replied Doray, laughing. The soldier looked at the woman, confused. She just shrugged and crossed her arms. "Uh, sir?" asked the soldier, standing at attention.

"Ah, yes. Since you all know who I am I'm glad we could avoid hurting anyone else. I didn't do this, although I was about to. I don't know who did this, or why, but it's for you to figure out now. You don't have to worry about me anymore. You boys stay safe eh?" said Doray. "Yes sir! May I ask something, just out of curiosity?" asked the soldier, saluting. "Sure. Not that I'll answer but you can ask." replied Doray, patting him on the shoulder.

"Where are you going now?" asked the soldier, still saluting. "Ah! Great question! There's a survival sim I rather enjoyed a while back, and I had always wondered what it would be like to integrate with a society that isn't technologically advanced as ours. So I'll be going to a little planet out in the Andromeda system that is similar to the game, but it's crawling with pre-tech civilization. I think it'll be interesting to learn to adapt to it." replied Doray, looking at the woman. Her face lit up, smiling happily.

"Another question, sir?" asked the soldier again. Doray pointed his finger at him, and made a "pkew" noise. All the men behind him raised their weapons again, and the soldier in front of him flinched as if being shot. An awkward moment passed as the soldier examined himself to find he was unharmed. Doray and the woman laughed mildly at his panicking. "Um, why a pre-tech society? It's not like you can't just make the world however you want it to be? Why live by other people's standards?" asked the soldier.

"Well, this may come as a surprise to you but making the world the way you want it isn't all that fun. The uncertainty of life is what makes it worth living! Take the embassy for example. I could just manifest the entire thing back. All I have to do is access the blueprints, analyze surveillance and BAM I can build and refurnish the entire place with amazing accuracy." explained Doray, pointing at the embassy. As he explained, the embassy rematerialized and rebuilt itself level by level as he pointed at it, all the way down to the bottom floor.

The embassy now stood as if nothing happened to it, looking exactly the way it had before the explosions. "But, sir! Why not use that power for good? Imagine how much suffering we could end! We could feed the hungry, cure the sick and house the homeless! Isn't that what society is about?" asked the soldier, seeming concerned.

"And what do you think happens when we do these things? Do we create some utopian society where everyone has the opportunity to live as they want? It sounds great on paper, but what really happens is there is no life. It is all monotony, we all live the same lives over and over. We build a government that tells us what we should do with our lives, what society needs to function. It creates automatons that aren't people! They are simply tools to keep a machine running, and it's a USELESS machine! It does not advance any farther than the basic needs of the machine to keep running! It would be like building a generator whose only purpose was to generate power, but not provide it to anything else! It only provides power to the generator!" exclaimed Doray, pointing at the embassy again.

He snapped twelve times, each time with a new set of explosions running throughout the building and destroying it yet again. "This utopian society you people seem to think exists does not! Without pain and suffering, without consequence our efforts are WORTHLESS! There is no meaning without entropy! We cannot live in perfection because there is no such THING! There is only life and death! One cannot exist without the other! This is what you people fail to see! We cannot help everyone! We cannot provide for everyone! We must learn to provide only for ourselves! Once we learn that, the need to provide for others is removed!" shouted Doray, pointing at the soldiers.

"This is all I can do to try and help you understand! This "God Mode" is not easy to live with! This is why I seek out new peoples, new cultures and ways of life! This is why I try to assimilate to them and try to live by their rules! When there is no death, there is no life! Trust me, you do NOT want to be me! And with that, I will leave you. I've had enough of this, since I have told you many times before!" exclaimed Doray, looking at the woman who stood patiently to his left.

"Well, that was an interesting speech. It's about time though." she said, sighing. The soldier nodded and ran back to his captain. The RRT vehicles were starting to get covered in snow. "Shall we?" asked Doray, looking at her frustrated. "Ready when you are, hon." she smiled, grabbing his hand. "Alright, let's get out of this dump." he said, looking towards the sky. Instantaneously they disappeared, leaving the teams to deal with the aftermath.

One of the soldiers looked at the one who had spoken to Doray in disbelief. "Who the fuck was that?" asked the man, sounding distraught. The captain placed a hand on the soldier's shoulder and replies "A Savant"