A New Year, The Same Book

It's been nearly four years since I started solidifying my decision to become a writer. This path has taken me down some interesting roads, most of which have brought me great reward. Considering my current circumstances I would say I'm doing pretty well. There is always room for improvement though.

Recently I decided I'd throw my name in the hat for this whole blogging thing. So far it's been pretty interesting. It gives me a very good reason to seek new and interesting things. To expand my horizons into the unknown. Unfortunately this doesn't come without a lot of work.

Certainly, this whole blogging thing can't be that hard? It is. It's very difficult. Getting your name out there is difficult. Getting your content out there is difficult. I can't say I'm in the ring of writers who have become successful blogging yet, but I am trying very hard. There are some weird hoops to jump through with blogging directories and such but in the end I feel the rewards will be worth it.

Not only will I be able to support myself financially within the near future if I play my cards right, but I will be spreading my voice out beyond my circle of friends. That is my real goal. Now, that doesn't mean I have given up on my desire to be a novelist and story writer. Not at all.

This is only the precursor to that dream. Blogging will hopefully be my gateway to get people interested. To get the word out there and really spread my stories like a wild fire. First I need something to draw people in. I have no doubts that if given an opportunity The Observer(along with the other Two Storylines I have written thus far) would engage even the most cynical of readers. 

However, getting people's eyes on the page has proven difficult. What do I do? Post a picture of the cover?


That might work. Not very effective though. So, let's take a real look at the problem. I'm sure the few of you who have read The Observer Parts 1-5 have found something you enjoyed in it. It's far from perfect, and I know that. With no real education on the subject of writing or editing for that matter there is only so much I can do. Where can I fix this problem. Well, the unfortunate part is that relies largely on you, the reader.

So before I ask this one simple thing of you, I will give you an idea of where I have been, and where I want to go. I wrote The Observer about three years ago, and it started out as a short-story. I had no real intention on making it anything other than that. But for some reason this nothing but a short story was the best writing I had done. Even with a good forty-five thousand words written into the Serge Kamada storyline, I was happier with this short-story than I was with the main story.

With this in mind, I put The Observer under the microscope. And eventually the knife. The Observer has gone through two separate re-works and varied anywhere from five thousand to twelve-thousand words for the first chapter. It's sitting around a steady thirteen-thousand words. Now I have much bigger plans for The Observer than just a short-story.

I want novels, comic books, animations, the whole kit and kaboodle. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. I have two other separate storylines planned for after The Observer's launch and those will be far more intriguing and delve deep into the Chained Reality universe. The Observer is currently planned as a Trilogy, with the First and Second books solidified in outline. Number Three is Pending an outline once Number One is finished and published.

This is where you, the reader comes in. What I ask of you is very simple. If you enjoy the content you read here, please re-post, re-tweet, share, and promote in any way you can. Doing so ensures more content, and also allows me the ability to branch out and do more than just blog posts. I realize that this is a lot of information to take in, but it is crucial to the success of these stories that the community get involved in spreading it around.

I can only do so much myself. I have no delusions about this. I need you: The Reader. Without you, I have nothing. Thank you, and may your days be prosperous.

- Andrew