Regenerative Cell Research

"Jan. 14, 2013 — Scientists at The University of Manchester have made a surprising finding after studying how tadpoles re-grow their tails which could have big implications for research into human healing and regeneration.

It is generally appreciated that frogs and salamanders have remarkable regenerative capacities, in contrast to mammals, including humans. For example, if a tadpole loses its tail a new one will regenerate within a week. For several years Professor Enrique Amaya and his team at The Healing Foundation Centre in the Faculty of Life Sciences have been trying to better understand the regeneration process, in the hope of eventually using this information to find new therapies that will improve the ability of humans to heal and regenerate better."

Science has certainly come very far in the past couple decades. Now we're even researching how to stimulate regenerative cells within the human body! Although it seems we're a bit far away from that goal, we are on our way. First thing's first, we must observe how this process occurs naturally within another organism.

I'd say Tadpoles are a great way to begin, especially since we used to be amphibious ourselves. Granted, our evolution has changed our makeup since then. However it may be the start to really understanding how the process starts. If you read on, the article details that what cells are triggering the regeneration. 

They are Reactive Oxygen Species(ROS) cells, which were thought to be harmful. While there is still much to be discovered, we are off to a great start!

Soon, we'll have reactive BioFoam that when applied will trigger a regeneration within the target area. Who knows, we may even be able to regenerate tissue in damaged organs. I don't know about you, but I think the Science of Healing has much to look forward to. Keep looking towards the future!