Paper Tablet

"There’s a lot of consumer electronics news flooding out of CES in Las Vegas this week, but one of the more interesting technology stories we’re seeing is trickling out of Ontario, Canada, where Queen’s University researchers working with partners in the UK as well as at Intel Labs and Plastic Logic have developed a tablet computer that is both paper-thin and flexible. And while we’ve seen concept prototypes for flexible e-ink screens and the like previously, what’s most intriguing about the so-called PaperTab is the user interface."

This is definitely worth a look. Although application is still a bit unclear for me since it seems a bit convoluted. There is potential here for more organization and clear-cut application handling than on a traditional PC.

What really caught my attention is how they handle Applications being open and icons. Because to me this is the first step in Augmented Reality Interfacing(ARI) with personal HUD's and UI's. Think of it this way, a couple weeks back I posted about Augmented Reality glasses which allow you to have an HUD in the real world.

That combined with a Neural Implant which allows you to feel things that aren't actually there and you can have an interface much like how this Tablet System works. Drag and Drop, move and interact with certain programs in a similar manner to handling multiple pieces of paper. Mark my words folks, this project is much more than trying to make Tablets work more like dealing with real documents.

It will pave the way for ARI and how we interact with the integrated world.