"Ye've got to be kiddin' me... How'd I end up in a place like this?" Marcus' mind was reeling at the sight. He'd never been one for heights. "Oh dear, this is gonna be a lot more rough than anythin' else I've done."

Looking out over the steep mountain decline, a thick cover of clouds loomed below for nearly half a kilometer. Underneath his feet was solid blue-tinted bricks. A rampart of stone to his left and right, there was a small break in the enclosing structure. Reaching behind him and clipping his shield onto the sword sheath, he grabbed his grapple spike that was hanging from his side. "Just in case..."

Turning around the real challenge lay ahead of him. There weren't any tunnels built into the mountain, they were all terraces and walkways lining the side of it. "Someone certainly went through a lot of trouble to not carve into the mountain..."

A hundred meters ahead the pathway he was on merged into the mountain. As he saw his way to a more comfortable pathway, rumbling could be heard and he felt something beneath his feet give way. One of the stones in the walkway gave out beneath his foot, and revealed there to be no support tied to the mountain.

Quickly dodging towards the mountain, a few more stones gave out where he was standing. Running towards the wall of the mountain proved to be less dangerous. No stones gave out as his heavy gaia boots clanged with them. "I wonder if this pathway is as unstable... Let's hope not"

Something was rattling, a chain of sorts. Staring at the mountainside he could swear it came from inside of it. Furious coughing and more rattling sounds clanged his ears. "I don't like the sound of that" He checked his chainmail underneath his green-tinted light gaia chestplate. Everything seemed to be in order, he was ready for a fight. 

"Baldr..." came a very low rumbling voice. "Mythical name... That can't be good" thought Marcus, readying himself for anything. A massive but stubby looking creature emerged from the mountainside. Walking plainly through it like it didn't exist. "Ach I've seen so much weird stuff this ain't nothin' that surprising." Marcus patted his gauntlet on the hard moutain the creature just emerged from.

It was green in color, and resembled a dwarf of sorts. Although it stood a good twelve meters taller than he. "Yggdrasil...?" murmured the being, it's long stone beard clacking against it's carved stone armor. "Yggdrasil?" asked Marcus, unsure of the beast. Chains could still be heard, but none were seen. "You seek..?"

"Ummm... What did Al call it again?... Yormy I think it was?" replied Marcus plainly. The being recoiled and it's eye brows tightened, giving it a suspicious look to it's glowing blue eyes. "Hmph... Purpose?" bellowed the being forcefully. "Presumably to kill it, I haven't worked that out yet. Don't even really know what it does or why Al told me to find it. To be honest not even sure what I'm gonna find here." said Marcus, as if conversing with the being.

"Truth... Baldr... Index... Seek... Pinnacle" grumbled the being, walking back into the mountain. Marcus shrugged and turned to continue up the mountain.