Game Corner: Wii U Wind Waker HD Edition

I bought a WiiU Wind Waker HD Edition yesterday with a friend of mine(we split a console, am I getting old?). Wind Waker is my absolute favorite Zelda game, and seeing it updated to HD made this a must-have. 

First of all, I have an old 15 inch Boob-Tube for a TV, so playing in HD would normally be a problem. Thanks to the WiiU controller with a high-quality screen right on it, this isn't an issu
e at all. It may not look as good as it would on an HD TV, but it definitely plays very well for a hand-held screen. 

One would think the screen would make the controller difficult to play with, but that isn't necessarily the case. It's fairly comfortable in your hands, and even though it's not perfectly ergonomic I can play for a couple hours without any issues. I got a chance to play one at a friend's house on an HD TV, and the graphics quality is very impressive.

My only real gripe about the Wii was the graphics quality, and they have fixed that issue greatly with the WiiU. While I haven't played any real HD games on it yet, I can safely say that Wind Waker is a lot smoother, looks a lot cleaner, and plays a lot better. 

I may have just gotten it, but my first impressions for the WiiU are spectacular. I don't like giving a number rating, but if I had to give a recommendation, I would say any Nintendo Fan should have this system. Hard-Core gamers should look into it for themselves, but if you like games for game play, the WiiU is a solid buy.