How Far We've Come - Cooking

One of the great thrusts of behavioral biology for the last three or four decades has been that if you change the conditions that an animal is in, then you change the kind of behavior that is elicited. What the genetic control of behavior means is not that instincts inevitably pop out regardless of circumstances; instead, it is that we are created with a series of emotions that are appropriate for a range of circumstances. The particular set of emotions that pop out will vary within species, but they will also vary with context, and once you know them better, then you can arrange the context.... It's much better to anticipate these things, recognize the problem, and design in advance to protect. 

Do you ever have one of those moments where you realize just how far the human race has come? For example, while cooking I realized how much different it is today, than it has been in the past.

Scientific research into the effects of cooking foods and bacteria spreading have changed the way we think about cooking our food. We know now that we need to cook foods to a certain temperature to ensure that any harmful bacteria is killed and it is safe to eat.

This knowledge has not always been there, and there are still many places in the world today that do not even have the luxury of precision cooking.

Are there any thoughts like this that have spurned your mind into looking back on what we as a species have learned?