Charging Cars On the Go

New York City startup HEVO Power aims to make charging an electric car as easy as finding a parking place. The company, collaborating with New York University, plans to roll out a pilot project that turns manhole covers near Washington Square Park into wireless charging stations for electric vehicles by early next year.

"The durable, embedded hardware unit will be deployed as a sustainable infrastructure device in city streets, parking lots and garages, motor pools, highways and other highly trafficked areas," the company's website says.

I'm not really one for the Electric Car scene personally, at least not yet. But this idea did strike me as intriguing. Placing wireless charging stations at highly used areas around cities and infrastructure may make electric cars more viable.

At least, more viable within the city. They still will be practically useless cross-country, but even if you can get yourself around the city in one it could reduce city emissions greatly.

On the Sci-Fi side of this, it would be interesting to see how Wireless charging affects our infrastructure as a whole. If initiatives like this happen country-wide, it may not be uncommon to see different ways for this to be implemented.

Wireless battery charging could have profound affects on our every day lives, making things like Google Glass, Higher-Powered mobile computing devices, and probably a lot more things I can't even think of more usable on the go.

So while there may be a cool concept here on the surface, there may be much more to it than just that. I guess we'll find out!