Exploring Collective Consciousness

Collective consciousness is a phenomena within the human psyche that has become far more profound with the increased connectivity of the internet and social media. People can get together based on a common interest, spread their knowledge, and increase their own knowledge based on those interests. But how much of an impact does Collective Consciousness really have?

Sociologically speaking, people tend to gather based on common interests. That's pretty straightforward, and makes a lot of sense. However, can a person's other interests be affected by this Collective Consciousness? To what degree can it be affected?

Politically speaking this is a difficult call to make. A lot of people like to believe that they are firm in their beliefs. Yet if there's one thing Main Stream Media has proven effective at, it's swaying public opinion based on celebrity opinions, statistical data, and polls.

All of these have been proven to be effective when swaying the average person to vote or believe one way or another. However, let's look at this not purely on a political standpoint. We all have our cliques and groups of friends, and the way we behave with each group will no doubt vary for each individual. So at the end of the day, it becomes a subject of how much we trust the opinions we are given.

Psychologically speaking, this is an interesting phenomenon to watch within yourself. If you are confident enough in your understanding of yourself, watch how your decisions are affected based on what friends you are with. Observe how your opinion may sway based on which role model you are paying attention to, and what their opinion is. 

We would all like to believe that we aren't effected by it, and that's not true. It makes the concept that much more interesting!

There are some other interesting ideas to take from Collective Consciousness. For instance, many philosophise that a collective consciousness actually creates reality itself. I don't necessarily buy into that concept, but it is interesting to think about!