The Bus to Nowhere

You're waiting for the bus. Sitting on the plain park bench you feel just like you always do. It's broad daylight, nothing particular seems to be happening. It's the usual hustle and bustle of the city streets, cars whizzing along, bikers being assholes, and people walking to wherever they need to go. Strangely enough, today you're the only one waiting for the bus.

The thought "Did I miss something? Is this line shut down for the day?" tugs at the back of your mind, but it doesn't hold much merit. Odds are, you're just the only one in need of it today. Checking your watch, just making sure, you still have a good ten minutes til the bus arrives.

As time passes fewer and fewer people are out in the street. Less cars are driving by, bikers have completely gone. There are still a good amount of people walking around though, so that's a good sign. Still odd that traffic has slowed down so much.

Slowly but surely, traffic wanes to nothing. No cars can be seen, even parked along the street. Ok, now that's weird. People are still walking, but there's no traffic... What's going on? Checking your watch again, the bus should be here by now. 

Off in the distance to your left you can see a bus driving down the street, coming towards you. That's a relief. Still, there's no other traffic... It pulls up next to you, and you feel strange. Something's not right. People are still walking down the street, but they aren't talking. They're just walking, deadpan down the street...

The driver opens the bus door, and everything looks normal. Just some older guy looking like his life is about as good as it's gonna get. Thank goodness, something normal.You get on, swiping your bus pass, and the driver just smiles at you as you look down the large vehicle. No one else is on it. "Uhh... Where is everyone?"The driver just looks at you and shrugs.

Ok... This is too weird. He closes the door, and begins to drive before you even take your seat. Since there's no one else on the bus, you decide to sit right in front. Right next to the only soul on the bus. It isn't long before he turns into the heart of the city, whizzing past buildings.

All of the lights are green. In all directions. There's no one on the road but us. What the hell is going on? There aren't even people walking down this part of town. What the hell is going on?

You start to feel frightened, this is too far from normal. Up ahead, all you can see is black. The street ends, there are no buildings, just black. The bus is headed straight for it. Looking behind you, the street lights disappeared.

Now it's just an empty street, with buildings on all sides as a backdrop.Back to the front, the bus driver has disappeared. The bus is still headed towards the blackness. What on earth could it be?!

The bus finally makes it to the blackness-