Owning Our Own Space

This video covers many interesting concepts. One is the idea of ownership, and how it is only observed by cooperation through others, or through threat of force by those with power. Do we truly own the things we have? Or is it simply our perception based on others who respect that we worked for our stuff? 

One unfortunate part of life is there are plenty of those who do not care about the idea of ownership, and do not observe the amount of work put in to obtain material things. People steal all the time, on all levels. Whether it's stealing your co-workers lunch from the fridge(don't do it), stealing a pen from a convenience store(eh who cares), stealing someone's vehicle(don't do it), or stealing someone's complete collectors edition of the entire running series of Frasier(eh who cares).

Theft can be observed on many levels, but is it truly theft if there is no natural or cosmic entity stopping them from doing it? All that stops you from stealing things from your friends, family, or even people you don't know is your cultural belief that it is wrong.

This video also covers how much we deal with space every day. Even those who have no interest in space or it's workings come in contact with space every single day, and can even still say that they themselves are a part of it's workings.

Perhaps the greatest obstacle to a scientific mindset is the difference between thinking the Earth we live on is a part of a much bigger Universe that is left for us to understand and explore, and thinking that the Earth is all there is to think about. I may not be a man of religion, but I do believe there is something much, much bigger to be observed!