Forming a System - Déjà Vu

"Um, I've wondered a long time if a cosmological entity could cause déjà vu, and not just certain receptors in the brain going on the fritz. One of my hypotheses was the idea that déjà vu, was our brains being slightly aware of entanglement..." Douglas looked confused, but Li looked enchanted. It's like I had just spoken gospel to him.

"So, what exactly would that mean for our situation now?" Lionel had an idea of what was going on. Douglas apparently didn't. "You'll have to fill me in on this 'entanglement' idea." Oh crap... He doesn't know what entanglement is... I've never been that great at explaining these things.

"Entanglement is the idea of a particle, stuck in between it's reality... So, it's like... How should I explain it. Do you know what Shroedinger's Cat is?" Douglas shook his head no. Shit. I'm bad at explaining that too... "So... In the most BASIC of terms... Let's say you're flipping a coin... And while the coin is in the air, it's in entanglement. Waiting for it's fate as either heads or tails."

Douglas still looked confused. "Li, care to help?" I'm at a loss here. "You know more about it than me!" Gah! Ok, ok. Take a breath, let's try and work this out. "Ok ok... So let's say you're about to make a decision, one is positive, or Yes, and one is negative, or No. So, while you're deciding what to choose, you're in entanglement. It's a lot more complex than that, obviously, but hopefully you get the point." Douglas shook his head, hopelessly lost.

Thankfully, Li stepped in. "Ok, here's my understanding of entanglement. Photons are so small, that, in quantum mechanics anyway, they supposedly are existing in all capable possibilities at once. So, in this case, Déjà vu could be our brains actually noticing our own potential entanglement, or existence across all possibilities." Douglas' eyes lit up, having an epiphany.

"So, you're saying that déjà vu could, potentially be, our brains noticing reality itself?" Now he gets it. I'm glad at least someone is well spoken.