Signs of our Times - Comedy

I was thinking this morning and I made a very bold realization. The single greatest entity in comedy is Photoshop. Seriously. We owe a lot to Photoshop for giving us countless pictures that make no sense whatsoever, yet tickle our funny bone to no end.

There may not be too much science to this concept, but I think it's important to stay well rounded and to not take yourself too seriously all the time. Even if you have a reputation for serious roles, it's important to let yourself be silly sometimes.

That's why Nicholas Cage is the second greatest entity in comedy. And he didn't even have to do much of anything to become that. It all started with the bees, and it evolved into his face Photoshopped onto almost every picture imaginable.

Photoshop and Nicholas Cage are one of many reasons it's a good time to be alive. Our future generations will look back at us and smile, knowing that something so beautiful could have existed. It truly warms my heart and gives me hope for a better future. 

Good day!