Game Corner - Borderlands 2: Wattle Gobbler DLC Review

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In case some of you haven't noticed, I'm a huge Borderlands fan. Today I'm taking a look at the newest Headhunter DLC Pack - The Ravenous Wattle Gobbler. You start off with an introduction by Mister Torgue(by far one of my favorite characters of any game ever) to the Torgue company's Tournament versus Wattle Gobbler the Invincible.

Adventurers are pitted against the Wattle Gobbler, yet all contestants fail to kill the monstrosity. After a short show put on by Mister Torgue to punish a contestant, he pulls you aside and tells you that the fight is rigged. Not wanting the Vault Hunters to be killed, he devises a plan to poison the Wattle Gobbler which will allow you to defeat it.

Mister Torgue makes this whole DLC worthwhile, with his quarky banter and outrageous character. Yes, there are explosions a plenty here. While it's a very small amount of content to be honest(it only took me about 30 minutes to finish the whole thing), there is value to this. It's only $3, and you definitely get a few laughs out of it. Not to mention it's a festive shout out to thanksgiving, complete with Grandma Flexington's endless rambling.

While some may complain that you spend almost the same amount of time listening to Mister Torgue's Grandma drone on and on about his childhood as you do playing the actual DLC, that's actually what made this whole DLC worthwhile to me. It develops the Torgue character beyond just a goofy in your face comedic relief character, and provides a lot of depth for potential later storyline.

All in all, I would give this DLC a definite buy if you play Borderlands 2 on any platform. It's only $3, it's all original content(even if it is short), and there is a lot of thought put into developing Mister Torgue as a character. The only thing left to say is AIR GUITAR SOLO!! SQUIBBLYBOWWMEEEDLYMEEDLYMOOOWMOOWMEEDLYMOWWWWWW!