Advertising and Social Media

Social Media is an ever-expanding marketplace for people to connect with each other, and share what they enjoy. So much so, that companies invest more into social media pages like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and even Pinterest pages for their products. This is quickly becoming common knowledge, but why is it becoming so popular?

It's based upon the same principle that businesses have valued since the beginning of businesses: Word of Mouth. Your friends telling you about a product is far more effective in getting you to try it, than a cold advertisement. When you look at an advertisement, chances are you don't care unless it's something you had already been thinking about, or it's from a company you already trust.

This is why Advertising gets such a bad reputation nowadays. You don't care about that product, but you have to watch the stupid commercials! Unless you pay for the content you're watching directly, or a streaming service. So remember, it may be annoying to have commercials, but they're paying for you to have free content. A little patience is appreciated for those content creators, so they can make money on their work!

There are few people out there who will look at an advertisement that is completely unrelated to what they desire, and it causes them to buy the product. But if your friend likes something, it's gotta be worth trying right? Well that's the basic principle that companies are using to increase their reach with customers.

Even for small web sites like this one, the most valuable reach I can get is for my readers to share with their friends(wink wink hint hint nudge nudge say no more)! One thing that tends to get in the way for most people, is copyright laws and how they effect us on the internet. Content producers have to be very careful about the things they display on their web sites. For example: If I were to use a stock photo that was not free for everyone to use in an article that I was selling something in, I could get in some serious trouble.

Thankfully for all of us, I don't advertise a product much. I actually enjoy spreading knowledge and sharing things with people, which is why I choose a creative commons license for my work. For those of you who aren't sure what a Creative Commons license is, it's a different way to copyright your work.

Personally, I've chosen a CC license that allows people to take my articles and share them, even tweak them to their liking, so long as they share the original source(this website)! This is highly beneficial to me as a writer and content producer, as well as a blogger. People can take my work and share it across the web, so long as they point back to me for credit for the work. It sounds pretty common sense, but not all people/companies allow this.

The evolution of advertising has come to a point where it is now easier for EVERYONE to get their work out there! Indie artists are ever more capable of sharing their work directly through social media and viral campaigning, so that they can be directly involved with their customers and fans. Instead of having to go through a publishing company, they can do it themselves.

This is even highly beneficial for the consumer! You have so many more options to choose from, that nowadays the good products are the ones that are actually good! Instead of just what has the most money for advertising! Trust me when I say, the future looks incredibly bright thanks to social media!

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