The Way of the Future - Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology is an interesting concept both in the worlds of Sci-Fi and the real world. To real world scientists, it's all about developing technologies small enough to manipulate the atomic world. To Sci-Fi scientists, it's all about atomic level robotics and manipulating the atomic world. There is a lot of amazing things happening on both sides of this. 

In the real world, we are manipulating elements into single sheets of atoms to create things like Graphene and Carbon Nanotubes that allow for massive material strengths. A single sheet of graphene could hold an elephant on the tip of a pencil without breaking!

In the Sci-Fi world, they are manipulating robotics on the atomic level, allowing for such small robots that we can manipulate the human body and brain in a myriad of new ways. What if we could have a robot inside our head that attempts to regulate the chemical signals and electrical impulses in the brain, allowing us to cure every known mental disease?

The Applications of Nanotech are vast and growing. When you can manipulate things on the atomic level, our capability becomes exponentially greater. At that point, the only thing holding us back is our imagination, and how many ways we can think to use that ability. 

What would you do with Nanotechnology?