The God Problem

It's an idea designed so intricately with who we are, that it is impossible to define concretely. There is no one objective theory to it, everyone's view is different. But how do we solve the God problem? Is it a problem at all? What exactly would it solve to prove, or disprove the idea in the first place?

I grew up Christian, so God and the Christian faith have been a large part of my life for many years. It was only recently that I began thinking of myself as Agnostic, and only because my scientific mindset caused me to begin questioning the ideas of God, and what they really mean.

Is believing in a God right? Is it wrong? Does it even call for a moral imperative to define it? The idea of faith is so broad and so changing that for me it is incredibly interesting to see how others view it. Personally, I want to believe a God exists. Even when you get into ideas of String Theory, Quantum Theory, Relativity, it begs the question: Where did these ideas come from? Are they truly the results of chaos?

If I were to hold an idea of God to be true, I would view it like they were a game developer, that created a cosmos for us to learn and explore in great depths. Perhaps they want us to live our lives freely, and do the most good we possibly can. Perhaps it is not a question of Benevolent or Malevolent, and it exists on a level that does not view events as a moral question.

Perhaps it's a being on a level beyond us, and while they may not be a "God", they may exist on a level that we would perceive to be a God. It is also just as likely that a God does not exist at all. Maybe Chaos really is all we have in this cosmos. If that were the case, would it make life worth less? Would we have less reason to strive for more?

The beauty of these ideas is that whether you believe in Chaos, or God, it comes down to where you place that importance. If you believe in Chaos, the only way to make your life worth anything is to place that worth in it yourself. If you believe in a God, you place that in an idea that you believe is worth living for.

I do not know much of other religions, or their beliefs, but I am inclined to believe that they are the same in that it is not necessarily a question of right or wrong. It's a question of subjective belief. The "God Problem" may not be a problem at all, unless we refuse to accept it for what it really is. And all it really is, is an idea.

This is why I embrace science. Unlike the idea of God, in Quantum Theory we can replicate results in multiple instances. We can create and view these results on our own, without much guessing. However, I don't think science should seek to discredit or devalue the idea of God. It should simply use the idea of God as a motivator to observe and learn as much as we can about the universe.