The Way of the Future - Maglev Trains

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This may not look all that special to some of you, but the forces at work certainly are pretty spectacular. That is a Maglev(Magnetic Levitation) Train. It's as cool as it sounds. Maglev trains are capable of reaching speeds much higher than traditional trains due to the zero friction design of the track. 

The train is literally hovering above it's track, with no one part of the train touching the track. Sounding Sci-Fi enough yet? Yeah, this is real. One of the coolest things about this is when you understand how electromagnetism works, and how they manage to suspend the trains. Magnetic fields pull and push on the magnets in the train, being countered by the magnets on the rail, creating a propulsion and even a brake system.

A system such as this allows the trains to travel at a whopping 310mph. At those speeds you could travel from Minneapolis to Dallas in just about 3 hours! That's pretty damn good for ground transportation. Another beautiful thing about Maglev Trains is transportation companies are jumping on the bandwagon to try and get into the business.

It isn't that far-fetched to think that these rail systems could be in place within the next 10-15 years, allowing for widespread commercial use. Although, the initial costs for these lines are much higher than traditional trains, upkeep is much cheaper over the long run.

Overall, I think this is another technology we can be excited for. Not only for it's direct uses, but also for the expansion of our knowledge of using Magnetic Fields as propulsion systems. The future definitely looks bright!