Indie Music - The Paper Exit


Ok, there's a bit of a story behind this band. I actually went to High-School them, and I have their first(and as far as I know only) CD: Reconfigure E.P. At the time I liked the music, but it was a little weird knowing the band. However as the years have gone by I've come to realize they actually did a fantastic job. Check out for their entire E.P. for free!

I sat next to the Vocalist(Isaac) and one of the Guitarists(Mike) in Choir class. I'm pretty sure I had a couple classes with the Drummer(Dewey) as well. They were really cool dudes. Anyways, I figured I would share their music with you. I don't think they are together as a band anymore, but if they somehow manage to find this on the internets I hope it encourages them to make more!

P.S. In case they somehow see this, I was the big guy in the bright Orange hoodie. Yeah, I'm told I'm hard to forget.