Game Corner: Shadow Complex

Ok, so I was doing a little digging on the ONLY game I ever loved so much I felt I absolutely had to perfect it on the Xbox 360. The game is called Shadow Complex, and it is AMAZING! The game takes place in a Sci-Fi America where you play Jason Flemming, a man who is classically trained in the military. The twist is he has no desire to be in the military.

He meets a girl at a bar and decides to go hiking with her. She takes him to a secluded location and she tries to play hide and seek with him. As it turns out, she gets captured by a radical leftist faction seeking to assassinate the President. Jason finds himself taking up arms to rescue this girl he just met, and ends up getting in way over his head.

Without giving anything away, all I'll say is this game was incredibly enjoyable. Not only was the story fantastic, but the game play is just like the Metroid Series. I'm a huge fan of the Metroid series, and seeing this kind of game executed in such a brilliant manner was an absolute nerdgasm for me.

Now, there is more to this story. It turns out they are making Shadow Complex 2, which I am very excited for. However when I was digging for information on it(there really isn't much, they just announced it's being made and that's all we know) I found out that Shadow Complex 2 will be based on the Novel "Empire" by Orson Scott Card. Yes, THAT Orson Scott Card.

I've never read Empire but I definitely plan on it now. Shadow Complex 1 was a precursor to the second game, and it all makes a whole lot more sense now. I am also excited to find that ChaiR Entertainment, the studio that made Shadow Complex, had originally set out to make a game based on Empire. The game eventually got cancelled for some reason, and now they're right back to where they wanted to be.
It always makes me excited to learn when people are able to pick back up their aspirations. It may take a while, but it can happen.

Anyway, I hope you all pick up "Empire", and especially Shadow Complex 1 on the Xbox Live Arcade. I think it's only like $20, which is a great price for how great the game is. Take care folks, and happy gaming!