New SUPER-Earth Discovered!

"Astronomers have discovered another potentially habitable planet – and it’s at least seven times the mass of Earth. Dwarf star HD 40307g hosts a system of six planets, and one of those is believed have the potential to support human life.

The newfound exoplanet was discovered by a team of astronomers from the University of Hertfordshire and the University of Goettingen.
It’s located a mere 44 light-years from Earth. And although that may seem like a far distance, it’s actually just around the corner – cosmically speaking. It’s so close that researchers say telescopes on Earth may be able to image it directly."
If there were ever a better reason to start building a better space program, this would be it. Now Now, some of you may say that we still have a lot left to learn about our own planet and I agree. But Not everyone should stick around to learn about our own planet. Some of us would like to see OTHER planets and truly begin exploring the universe and see just how diverse life can be.

Who knows, this planet may be inhabited by animals not unlike our own. Or it could be inhabited by animals nothing LIKE ours, have different minerals or materials. It could have a form of intelligent life, that may be looking right back at us with their own telescopes! I don't know about you but I would sure LOVE to find out what's going on in our back yard.

It's like that tall grass field down the street you played in as a kid. You didn't know what was there, and it might have just been a field. Or there could have been an old cellar from a house that was torn down, with treasures you never knew existed in it! Keep your minds open folks, this is our next step in Space Exploration!