Science clones embryo of Extinct Frog!

Mar. 15, 2013 — The genome of an extinct Australian frog has been revived and reactivated by a team of scientists using sophisticated cloning technology to implant a "dead" cell nucleus into a fresh egg from another frog species.

The bizarre gastric-brooding frog,Rheobatrachus silus -- which uniquely swallowed its eggs, brooded its young in its stomach and gave birth through its mouth -- became extinct in 1983.
But the Lazarus Project team has been able to recover cell nuclei from tissues collected in the 1970s and kept for 40 years in a conventional deep freezer. The "de-extinction" project aims to bring the frog back to life.

Has Science gone too far?! Will they ever stop trying to play god?! If not, can they try and clone Nikolai Tesla so we can get more awesome science?!

Ok, seriously though this is pretty cool. Yes yes, it's on an ethical grey line but let's ignore the ethics for a second here. I mean, it's not like they're trying to clone a massive pest that could potentially wipe out an ecosystem right?

Don't worry, this is still in it's infancy stages(pun intended) and they are still working very hard on trying to see if it is possible to fully grow an embryo. Let's just hope we don't start with Mosquitoes that were fossilized in tree sap. Cause seriously, who wants to bring back a Mosquito? A T-Rex, sure that'd be bad ass. Maybe a Mirthmydon. Sorry, that was a terrible joke. I'll end this article now. Fin.