Worm-Shaped UAV


Check out the latest piece of UAV spy tech that the DoD is looking at out at the giant Nevada Test Site. World Surveillance Group’s worm-like Argus One airship began flight demonstrations for the Pentagon at a Department of Energy-owned airstrip inside the mysterious test range. (It was probably at the DoE’s Yucca airstrip, a site that was recently revealed to be home to UAV ops.)

Argus One is meant to loiter for days at altitudes of 10,000 to 20,000-feet over targets while carrying 33-pounds of surveillance and communications in that little gondola that’s slung beneath the craft. Why the crazy looking design? Increased stability and maneuverability in the face of nasty winds and weather conditions.


This certainly is an interesting concept. It's good to see some innovation still happening in the Department of Defense(DoD). At the end of the day this could potentially create a lot of fuss for people who don't like the idea of drones at all. But keep in mind, this is a highly efficient machine that is designed for prolonged surveillance.

Like it or not, there will always be a use for military innovation. And this is certainly at the front end of innovation. And yes, I know what the balloon looks like.