Ramsey Ramirez

Ramsey woke up to the sound of rushing water. His head was light, and he couldn't stop coughing. Water regurgitated from his lungs and fell to the already damp cave floor. Noise filled his ears suddenly, as humming resonated throughout the large cave system. What was strange to him, is that he was next to a waterfall.

I just jumped off the waterfall didn't I? I did... This place looks different from that side though... It's going south instead of north.

Human figures stood around him. The humming appeared to come from them. It made the already eery feeling of the Ruby Falls caves feel creepy. What made things worse, is they appeared to be looking at him. They didn't advance on him, and they had no features to speak of. Still, they stood looking.

I think I needa get outa here...

Ramsey pulled his strength about him, and lifted himself off the ground. He still appeared to be wearing a torn tactical vest, his usual jeans, and BDU jacket. The Junto patch on the side gave him some comfort. Even if they weren't with him, he felt like he still had a connection to Paloma and Serge. While he acted tough and independent, he knew he couldn't have done what he did without them.

I just hope Grandad was right. Albert seemed like the kind of guy to have a contingency plan. 

He began walking. It wasn't certain whether he could even exit Ruby Falls in such a manner but he intended to find out. Apparently, so did the human figures around him. They didn't harm him, but watched his movements. Some even followed him. That didn't last for long. 

After a few meters, they stopped in their tracks like they had to stay where they were. A low rumbling started to shake the ground, until eventually it shook so much Ramsey had to take a knee to keep his balance. The rumbling stopped as soon as it began.

"Hey big brother!" A woman's voice from behind him that reminded him a lot of Paloma's. Ramsey turned around to find a woman, not unlike Paloma, but not Paloma, behind him. She wore an outfit exactly like his. 

"Who are you?" She cocked her head playfully and gave a big smile. "I'm your sister, Alena!"