"Even if we clear this sector there's no guarantee that we'll find your grandfather's ship! Sis, you gotta understand this place was designed for TWO people to-"

"Then stop trying to tell me what to do and HELP!" Paloma was not happy. Black hair was tied in a pony tail, and appeared to be burned on the ends. A familiar noise prompted her to duck behind a large steel crate. The pang of bullets reminded her of the insanely volatile situation she had gotten herself into.

"You KNOW I can't manifest in here! Besides, I'm nothing more than a subroutine! If there wasn't a localized-"

"Yeah, I get it! You sound like Serge! Now start helping or shut up!" Checking her sidearm, she realized she didn't have many bullets left. It would have to be a systemic takedown of the strange robotic assailants. They appeared to be humanoid, with no notable features to speak of. Their faces were replaced with grafted computer screens that displayed strange pictures depending on their affiliations.

These weren't the first of these she had run into. When she first came upon her grandfather's complex there had been one that helped her triangulate the position of a spacecraft. According to the information Alena's subroutine had given her, this spacecraft would lead her to a spatial conclave with stores of information on Ley-Lines.

"How many are there?"

"Four, one in front, two trying to flank, and one is currently set to passive." Alena was an artificial intelligence of sorts. Paloma wasn't entirely convinced of this due to how human-like she acted. Most certainly she wasn't incapable of emotion, that had been proven true already.

Paloma braced her hand on the side of the smooth steel wall she was crouched against. To her right was the steel crate that protected her from one attacker. To her front was a corridor that presumably lead to another area of the compound. Left of her was another corridor that looped back around to the main room she was in, and another corridor that lead back the way she came.

"Which way are they flanking?" asked Paloma, peering around the wall to her left.

"One is suppressing front, another is advancing front, one flanking left." replied Alena, her voice frustrated.

"Good girl." Paloma looped back around to her left and darted down the hallway. Commands from the robotic assailants could be heard warning of her flanking tactic. It didn't take long before she hung another hard left and planted a round in the screen of the flanking robot.

Clanking indicated that the other two had changed their strategy.

"Both are advancing on your position!"

Paloma reacted quickly, and darted back down the hallway towards her original position. She checked to see if there was a bot covering the crate still, but it appeared to be clear. Without hesitation she darted down the hallway, turned a hard right and downed both bots with headshots.

"Well done!" came a familiar robotic voice. Slow clapping could also be heard behind behind her.

"Lot of good you're doing me." said Paloma, panting. She walked over and checked the bots for weapons. Strangely enough, they each had a full magazine inside of their standard sidearm. More ammo for later.

"I'm not here to help you. I'm here to test you. Or have you forgotten?" replied the bot.

"I haven't forgotten. Why do you think I'm putting on such a show?" chuckled Paloma. She checked her sidearm, and pocketed the extra magazines from the bots.

"Oh, quite a show indeed! But there is yet another act!"

Paloma stretched her neck and checked her bra through her tank top. "Good. Because the show can't last forever." she retorted.

"Unfortunately. I may keep you a bit longer than anticipated. You are quite the entertaining guest!"

"You do that and you won't like the show I put on for you."

"Oh? What kind of show would that be?"

"Ever heard of MacBeth?" grinned Paloma. The bot instantly froze up, the screen on his face turned blue and flashed a small message. With a hearty Laugh, Paloma walked over the a steel door on the other side of the empty room and opened it. Walking through, she barely heard a loud screeching noise from the other side.

"This is just too easy. Come on Gramps!" chuckled Paloma, walking down a flight of stairs.

"Wow... How did you know?" asked Alena, stumped.

"If there's one thing I know about my grandfather it's that he loved irony. Especially the kind that made sense."

"Well that's... Umm..."

"It's ok. I know."