Even Lighter and Faster Electronics!

Image Credit: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/597507018/pebble-e-paper-watch-for-iphone-and-android


Apr. 10, 2013 — The same material that formed the first primitive transistors more than 60 years ago can be modified in a new way to advance future electronics, according to a new study.

Chemists at The Ohio State University have developed the technology for making a one-atom-thick sheet of germanium, and found that it conducts electrons more than ten times faster than silicon and five times faster than conventional germanium.
The material's structure is closely related to that of graphene -- a much-touted two-dimensional material composed of single layers of carbon atoms. As such, graphene shows unique properties compared to its more common multilayered counterpart, graphite. Graphene has yet to be used commercially, but experts have suggested that it could one day form faster computer chips, and maybe even function as a superconductor, so many labs are working to develop it.

The rate of electronics is growing exponentially yet again folks! That's right, if you remember my post just a little bit ago about how Quantum Computing relies on transistors. This new material is the same concept as graphene, but with germanium. Single celled sheets that can be used just as effectively but taking up less space to increase computing power!

While all of this is going on remember we also have Augmented Reality software being developed at an awesome rate. This material combined with the ability to paint-on semi-conductors to electronics creates a perfect opportunity for cheap and effective electronics of ALL types!
Keep your ears to the ground folks, expect the next wave of super-small electronics to come very soon! It may even look something like this: