The Science of Free Will

This is a very interesting video on the research into the "Science of Free Will." While there is evidence even from this video and other studies to support the theory that Free Will may not even exist, the idea that it does not comes under some serious contradictions. If free will truly did not exist, would we be able to steer our minds towards learning more about it? 

Obviously more philosophy(and some religion arguments as well) come into play for this subject. However, I think it's important to understand the process the human brain undergoes when decision making. After all, Scientists also have evidence to support a theory that the Universe is a Computer Simulation. Can we be sure about this evidence? The sad truth is we may never know for sure.

A theory, is not a law. And if there's one thing scientists have learned about physics, it's that there are always exceptions to a law. That's why we don't call them laws anymore. We call them theories.