The Science of Food

Mostaciolli! Why did I pick this food? 'Cause that's what we're having for dinner tonight!


Food is a major part of ANY society. Obviously, it's required for life to even exist! But we are probably one of the only species to exercise food for taste, rather than for nutrition. Especially when it comes to America, it's all ABOUT the taste! We know that America is fat. We get it. Thanks rest of the world.

But if you never had to worry about whether you would actually have food, wouldn't you try and go for taste over nutrition? I think it's pretty natural to want to try and find different things to try. However, I think it's also ridiculous that nutritionists can tell you exactly how your body will process each and every protein, carb, and vitamin. 

Only you can know your body that intimately! You can take what they have to say with a grain of salt, and use that information with what you know about your body. But don't let anyone tell you how your body works!

Anyways, here are the latest two Star Talks, and they are all about food! Remember to check them out at!