Many of you know what CISPA is. Did you know there are multitudes of ways to join the fight against it?
For those of you who do NOT know what CISPA is, it is an internet regulation bill that makes it easier for companies to search your information with out a warrant and trade information about you with the government.

The CISPA bill is designed to support big companies in lawsuits over copyright and intellectual property. In the end, all this can do is hurt people like me who exchange information by posting and reposting from other articles, since I am not directly invovled in the fields I post about! Even though I may put my own spin on things from Youtube videos and articles I could potentially be shut down with bills like this!

If you wish to oppose, these are two easy ways of doing it.

Send a Direct E-mail to your representatives through the EFF's website.

Sign a petition to stop CISPA at!

Thank you for your support, and I know we can stop our government from placing even more of an iron grip on it's own people!