I am a Soldier: Packet 1

I am a soldier. Nothing more. Nothing less. My duties are carried out without question. They point, I shoot. 

The smell of sulfur filled Doug's nostrils. His eyes watered from the thick plumes of black smoke as he aimed and fired, walking towards his target. Rounds flew to his left and right, with the occasional bullet panging across his personal barrier. 

Energy barriers are a fickle thing. Many soldiers swear by them, but I find them to be a vulgar misuse of power.

The rocky red desert around him emanated heat, making his thermal vision useless. Still, his training had made it easy to distinguish between the clay red of the rock, and the blood red of the enemy camouflage. Even with their cover, Doug fired round after round, each one connecting with it's intended target.

I prefer to take a more... Offensive approach. Hit your enemy before they hit you. Kills two birds with one stone, if you will.

Enemy fire slowed, and fewer rounds whizzed past Doug's position. His target was a hidden bunker in the desert. Dragonfly Drone scans were unable to pin-point it's position directly. Instead, they had to triangulate it's position based on the Anti-Pangean forces stationed around the red planet.

This is too easy. I don't even have auto-assist on!

As the last two enemy combatants fell to Doug's fire, the air around him stilled. The light atmosphere of Mars made it harder for sound to travel, making the sound from the shots they fired catch up to him now. Were he one to care about science, he would have found it intriguing.

Alright, let's see what you go in here big guy...

Doug searched the corpse of an enemy combatant. The man's breathing apparatus was destroyed, along with his main personal computer system. Despite that problem, Doug found it easy to retrieve the data he needed. 

Unfortunately for you, sir, I know how to hack into your neural network.

Integrating the brain with the ley-net was the best thing that ever happened to hackers. It made it possible to get information directly from the source: The Person. Doug found the location of the facility easily. Not only had the neural integration made it easier to get the information, it made the brain more organized to find it.

Ah, not far from here I see. Well, let's go take a look shall we?