Nanoelectronics and Quantum Computation

Here is a very cool TED talk about Quantum Computation and the effort towards Nanoelectronics. Now, it's a bit complicated if you don't know Quantum Physics too well(I have a VERY basic understanding of it).


This is certainly amazing to think about. Not only about how much goes into the creation of our every day electronics, and how attached we are to them. But even crazier still is the idea of Quantum Computation to the point of near-instant data transmission. The idea of multi-state transistors(Always On, Always Off, simultaneously) is nothing new.

However implementing the theory has been a very tough problem for scientists and engineers to solve. Why? Because of how complex Quantum Physics is. Replicating and observing Quantum Physics was difficult as it is. I mean think about it. How hard would it be to observe the same particle, in two places, at the same time? Yeah. That's the problem.

This does not mean impossible though! Keep your ears to the ground because we ARE working on it! And when it comes. Well, let's just say communicating with a base on Mars will be exponentially easier.