Creationism vs Evolution

Let's ask one of our good friends, who was a large part of science in school for me: Bill Nye(The SCIENCE Guy)!  

He brings up a very good point. The Denial of Evolution makes a fundamental understanding of Science IMPOSSIBLE! Evolution stands as the basis in Biology. I believe I have a better Analogy, that will give a much broader understanding of how this should be seen fundamentally.

Denying Evolution in a Universe driven by science, is like denying God in a universe run by him. The unfortunate part for religion, is that Science is based entirely on things we have evidence of. Faith, at it's core, is belief in the absence of evidence.

However, I would like to off a mutually understanding view of the universe that both Scientists and Religious folks can get behind. Think of the Universe like a video game, and whatever god you may believe in is the developer. He has given us so many things to explore in our world! Some of us choose to play the game at it's surface level, and don't bother to get into detail much. That's fine.

But some of us choose to play the game at an Otaku level. Looking through every nook and cranny for hidden easter-eggs. Nit-Picking every glitch. Fundamentally understanding how the game plays so that we might play it better.

As I have said before, I am agnostic. I tend to lean towards a Scientific mindset, because it has served me well. It is also worth noting however, that I keep an open mind. I was raised Christian, so if I die and a God does exist, it wouldn't surprise me. I would simply seek out to better understand his/her/it's ways and to keep digging for information.

Here is a very good depiction of how I feel about the world.