Augmented Reality: The Way of the Future

The Augmented Reality market has been around for a while now. It has been used for gaming, instant information, and even translation. At this point, we are shooting for the sky. Hence the picture. Augmented Reality can take your phone and make that backdrop anything you want it to be.

You could show lines for upcoming flights in the area, super-impose a night sky during the day so you can stargaze, or for the nerds you can insert a clip of Goku fighting Cell in SSJ2. It's really all up to you.

With Google Glass coming to us this year, it seems like we are taking another step in augmenting our world. We will be come vastly more connected with those around us, and information will become even more widespread.

Picture driving around town with your friends, with nothing to do. You have no idea what there is to do in town, so you put on your trusty Google Glass and search around. You can get local restaurant specials at a glance. Special deals at movie theatres and bowling alleys. Show what bands are playing at the bars, and happy hour specials.

Now let's say a car with your friends pulls up beside you, and you see a challenge pop up over their car. A toy-like turret appears on top of their car and starts launching balls of paint at you! While your friends decide what to do, you can fight your friend in the other car to see who can cover the other's with paint fastest!

It seems a bit silly, but these are the kinds of things we can do with Augmented Reality. It will do exactly as the name says. Augment our vision of reality. That, my friends, makes our future that much brighter!