Travel to Mars in Only 30 Days!

Doesn't this look like a fantastic get-away for the summer? But this isn't beautiful Nevada! That's right folks, this is the rocky landscape of Mars! Oh, and did I mention we can get you there in as little as 30 days! Do you hate Tang? I do too!

Ok, enough of the sillyness. This is actually really cool. NASA is funding the engineering of a Fusion Rocket so that we can get to Mars in as little as 30 days! It used to take us as long as 300 days in order to reach the red planet with traditional methods. This is a HUGE leap in our ability to travel through space.

It's not a Warp Reactor but it's a big step towards it. Fusion Technology is pretty interesting stuff. It plays off relativity and the idea that even a small amount of mass has a large amount of energy stored within it. Fusion techniques try to fuse(duh) certain particles with each other to harness the large amounts of energy in the resulting fusion. 

Let's put it this way, the Sun is one giant fusion reactor. It's so large, and so hot, and burns for so long because it's energy comes from an extremely efficient process. Looking towards the future of space travel gives me high hopes. Now if only we could get some more serious funding put into it...