I am a Soldier: Packet 2

It's not that farfetched really. What I am.

Doug entered the small hexagonal facility. It's design was flawless, utilizing every inch of space possible. His eyes had to adjust from the bright red light of the Martian Surface, to the simulated UV light of the facility. The steel door sealed behind him, leaving him standing inside of a decompression chamber.

Such advanced technology. It's amazing they made it this far.

As the chamber decompressed, he walked over to the other door, and placed his hand on the steel support bar. Space distorted in front of him, and he grinned as the door faded from existence. Several men in tactical gear knelt on the other side, rifles pointed directly at Doug.

Their behavior is so predictable. Defend at all costs. 

"Open Fire!" shouted a man behind them, unleashing a volley of rounds from the firing line at the door. Copper bounced and broke all around Doug, and several rounds bounced off the air in front of him. He pulled his rifle up to aim, and fired a round at the man behind the squad. He fell to the floor, and smoke emanated from his body. 

Danger! Danger! Approaching Critical Mass!

All of the men around him tried to scramble away. Unfortunately for them, his body exploded with a red energy, consuming the bodies of all of the men. The only thing left of them was their weapons. Doug walked on, his pathway clear of opposition. Steel surrounded him, and the room he stood in was decorated with small nodes.

Augmented Reality integration... They are farther along than I thought.

Light filled the room for a moment, then normalized as it formed in small screens popping up around the room. Their purpose varied from medical advertisements, to various military outpost statuses. Looking behind him at the door he just came out of, a large screen read "Radiation Levels acceptable, now transporting civilians to separate colonies."

Radiation? They were unable to form an artificial magnetosphere then.

Looking back towards the main terminal, he found his way through the mess of bags and left behind valuables. Evacuation protocols were pulled up on all personal terminals, pointing Doug directly where he wanted to be. "EVACUATION PROTOCOL BETA: FOLLOW ANY AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL TO ESCAPE ROUTE". 

Authorized Personnel, huh? They wouldn't happen to track those personnel, would they?

Doug placed himself in front of a personal terminal, and sat on the plasteel bench. Placing his hand on the small graphene rail, he managed to hack into the system and pull up employee protocols. No Employees were imbued with tracking protocols, but were tracked by video and audio surveillance.

No tracking Protocol?! This may be tougher than I thought...