Measuring Intelligence

"May 13, 2013 — Human intelligence cannot be explained by the size of the brain's frontal lobes, say researchers.

Research into the comparative size of the frontal lobes in humans and other species has determined that they are not -- as previously thought -- disproportionately enlarged relative to other areas of the brain, according to the most accurate and conclusive study of this area of the brain.

It concludes that the size of our frontal lobes cannot solely account for humans' superior cognitive abilities."


Apparently, size doesn't matter. So, then, how DO we measure intelligence? I'm going to tangent more than normal from the original article, but it brought up an interesting thought. Can we measure a intelligence with a simple test and score? I've never been one to buy into the notion that you can place a score to someone's ability to think.

You can definitely place a certain level of stupidity on people, the Darwin Awards do exist for a reason. However I don't think it's ever been as cut and dry as a score, the size of a brain, or even a handful of smart moments to draw from. Humans come in all different levels of intelligence, this much is true. Some are inhibited by their own brains, and others are just too lazy to learn. 

But even those who are inhibited are capable of higher levels of understanding than animals. Those that are too lazy to learn are capable of higher intelligence, but choose not to seek it. Some see knowledge of facts, dates, times, mathematics are the sole scale for judging intelligence. Others see it as cognitive function, decision making skills, and critical thinking that measure intelligence.

I happen to believe it's a good mix of both, but is it really the only way to gauge it? Perhaps the question we should be asking is what is intelligence worth? What exactly does the idea of being intelligent get us? Social recognition? A higher chance of succeeding in life? 

Maybe it's more important to simply seek knowledge, and expand your thinking than to worry about what your intelligence level is. So the question still remains. How do we measure Intelligence?