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Cyberpsychology is an emerging form of study on how Technological advancement affects the growth and behavior of the human psyche. Some believe that psychology is essentially devolving the human interaction center of our brain, making it more difficult for us to interpret others' feelings and context while interacting.

I however, believe this to be untrue. Personally, I grew up on video games, and MMO's. I've built complex relationships with people and have been able to read their emotions and contexts through text alone, for the most part. However, once I started using Ventrilo, a voice chat program, it became easier for me to understand these contexts using voice cues alone.

Going out into the work world, I was able to understand and communicate better through simpler cues, like understanding mannerisms and inflections. Facial cues and touch cues, I will admit, are strange to me mostly due to the fact I feel I can read people's context well enough without them. The lack of exposure to these things have made interactions with facial and touch cues a more difficult thing for me to adapt to.

Perhaps I'm one of the lucky few who managed to attain that skill, but I don't like to think I'm anything special in the human genome. Regardless of these differences, I wouldn't say it's de-evolution. I would describe it as a different approach to communication.

How will this truly effect human communication? I don't think we quite know yet.